Google Chrome New Features For Next Update

Never Slow Down Mode

Google Chrome May Soon Get Never Slow Down Mode And Dark Mode For Windows 10 And MacOs

Google Chrome New Features: Google is reportedly developing two new updates for Chrome Browser. The Chrome browser will have “dark mode” and “Never Slow Down Mode” for MacOs and Windows 10. MacOs may get the first stable version of those features.

The latest Chrome 73 beta has a night theme for Android is now in testing. Chrome 73 entered the beta channel from today.

Google Chrome 74 is scheduled to release by April of this year. Though this new feature could come with the launch of a stable version.

The dark mode is very popular and on-trend also. Popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube already get dark mode support.

Dark mode is conceptualized to put less strain on eyes when you use the device in dark. Google has also confirmed that the new dark mode is completely reverse to the white-themed display and can consume 43% less power. The dark mode consumes 60% less battery even when the screen fully brightens. OLED display devices will get more battery life with this. Nowadays most of the phone manufacturers are adopting the OLED display for better display quality.

Chrome Never Slow Down Mode

Another new feature is “Never Slow Mode”. It will provide users with a better and faster browsing experience. This feature will optimize resource loading and runtime processing, which leads to fast loading web pages.

A new commit spotted on Chromium Gerrit which defines the features “enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience.” Google also warns that it “may silently break content.”

The Never Slow browsing mode is designed to restrict certain elements like fonts, CSS stylesheets, scripts, heavy images, and long script tasks etc. It puts some limit on every element that can affect the loading speed of a page. But there is no official confirmation from Google when it will release. We can expect some update from Google in the upcoming Google I/O 2019.